Mow Down Love

There's a lonesome cowboy under my cloak

his gentle-manliness is a sniggering joke

to this woman wronged by man's negligent ways

making up for lost time when back out to play

shall we share a new friendship she said, on a freestyle basis?

the question was an ambidextruous tickling one


I checked the motives, inspected explosives,

mow down love, I mow down love till it grows back again


so I ordered more coffee, chewed my gum, tried to loosen my throat

focusing on her flow of anecdote

"my teenage pals are cool but my colleagues are just not open-minded,

that missing sexual irony, think I know... somewhere I might just find it"


I checked the motives, inspected explosives ,

mow down love, mow down love, till it grows back again


then we sped out of sight, left shiteland at a canter

tuning in readily to each other's hearty banter

we trimmed our poney's hooves with carefully chosen ointments

with the right Latin name and the right pronunciation

oh the way she went about me

somehow knowing how to soothe my profoundest disappointments

singing me mow down love, mow down love now....

© Copyright 2006-2021 Tall Paul Grundy