Important to the species


important, like..

unemployed musicians, pubescent Russian gymnasts in improbable positions

clairvoyants stirring from a trance evoking Marie Antoinette's unrecorded love affairs to thirsting historians

irritating but worthy citizens, like roller skaters and stamp collectors,

erotic prancers claiming to be exotic dancers,

at least my ex-girl left me the TV for free...

I'm now the privileged beholder of tonight's paedophilia debate,

with masked interviewees who may feel ill at ease

but, for some handy cash, will be most pleased to tell their tales with voices like smurfs in the filter


how I'd love to be involved, there's problems to be solved,

feel important, to the species..


Madam Hussein, drove her son insane

transcontinental shrinks are paid to reveal what the dictator thinks, from afar

to calm my nerves I'll buy a gym machine, I'll go shopping and make up for the drugs I'm definitely stopping,

the place is full of bodybuilders anyway,

making love with themselves in the mirror

If my stomach is a brickwall, and my body is a temple,

I should be OK, and somehow important


All these mothers, wives and daughters remain encaged within their quarters,

and I feel rather thoughtless

as I have a sole concern, that is, will I meet a babe?

coz I know few ways not to behave like a biological slave, a boy depraved and deprived of a reasonable sense of perspective


how I'd love to be involved, there's problems to be solved,

feel important

gonna' dance my rock n' roll, and really lose control,

feel important,

important to the species

© Copyright 2006-2021 Tall Paul Grundy