Free Spirits

Free spirits with no limits,

now that is how it is between us

these minutes won't matter

we'll just loiter and chatter


a wintry breeze tickles noses warmed by northern rays

we could believe in togertheness of former days

but when we met, the time was just not perfectly right

enemies of circumstance, lovers in a stolen trance


Free spirits..


how could I know our paths would fork apart as they did?

wanting so much, I wanted myself off the earth

now we're sat comparing notes on the after life

deliciously suspiciously swapping our notes on the after-life


freeze me firm, bring me back to life, I'll be yours

just need another time and another state

spending my whole life in waiting, bending it round

we'll wake up reptiles in a thousand years

flickering our tongues from each other's warm stones

licking a ground with no flavour

I'm a bobby with a hydroplane never getting home again I wouldn't fuck the maidens on the island, too busy hunting down the murderer

I've been sleeping in my uniform on one too many times now

it's hard for me to bear my soul or my skin or anything

bend bend me, bend bend me...


© Copyright 2006-2021 Tall Paul Grundy