Glass Half Empty Guy

I thought that I was set so clever so well

that my luck would last forever bushy-tailed, wide-eyed

a purveyor of formulae well tested and well tried

I'd draw the ladies right towards me damp turd attracts flies

what's the point in education when you're thick as two short trees

what of romance and adventure, something to believe?

what a load of existential, splintered images I see

from the bottom of a glass half empty, I'm a glass-half empty guy


thought that I could be a winner the way I set off strong

brush the wings of glory at least tickle them before long

trying to look with it when I feel like total shit

I giggle and wriggle in my shoes like I'm loving it

shall I bluff my way to 45K respect my soul another day

be a glass-half empty guy?glass half empty guy

recreate the self, put the old one on the shelf

if it's love that recreates, the new self can't be late

how do you say"I'll be loveable today and unapproachable tomorow darling" in a likeable way?

glass half empty, I'm a glass-half empty guy

© Copyright 2006-2021 Tall Paul Grundy