Aquatic Accidents

most aquatic accidents:

deaths of captains, millionaires,

inebriated business tycoons

on boating weekends

off floating,

with their luxury female friends

relaxing from the rigours of the swindling of aged citizens

from substance abuse or helicopter misuse, I don't know

....occur in the high sea...

either due to:

high wind, causing shipwrecks

or low

in the particular case of the sailing boat

which, when coming to prolonged standstill,

leaves its occupants

to die!

from one or more of the following death causes:

cold, hunger, fright

or lack of interesting reading material

aquatic accidents rarely occur

when the boat, ship, or whichever maritime vessel you prefer,

including inflatable dinghies, pedalos, private or public aircraft carriers and Wellington boots

remain firmly anchored at shore...don't get swept away

don't get swept away

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